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What is a Commercial Electrician?

Commercial electricians are trained specialists who perform troubleshooting, repairs, and maintenance on electrical systems in commercial settings such as retail shops, offices, restaurants, cafes, and most other workplaces. They are also able to conduct safety checks, identify issues and make recommendations to improve safety and / or address any issues that may be found.


In addition to these routine tasks conducted after a commercial electrical system has been installed, commercial electricians can also design, plan, and build new electrical systems. Obviously, a good commercial electrician is also able to update and modify existing systems according to the needs of the business.

Electrican's Tools

Tools commercial electricians use

  • Circuit Finder

  • Multimeter

  • Voltage Tester

  • Wire Stripper

  • Pliers

  • Specialised Nut and Screwdrivers

  • Tape Measure

  • Torch

  • Level

  • Hammer

  • Fish Tape

  • Electrical Tape

  • Utility Knife


Commercial electrician can help you with

  • Design, planning and analysis of electrical systems and wiring.

  • Repair and maintenance of Air Conditioning units.

  • Installation of new electrical equipment.

  • Installation and proper wiring of lights, switches and power points / outlets.

  • Repair and maintenance of existing electrical equipment.

  • Security system installation – security cameras, alarms, etc...

  • Installation and integration of ‘smart building’ technology / building management systems.

The Importance of Finding the Right Commercial Electrician

Sometimes a business that is run out of a building that is shared by other businesses – like a shopping mall, office building, government building, or media centre – will hire a permanent commercial electrician to handle anything that comes up. Whether the electrician is employed directly by the building owner or works for a company that is contracted to do the electrical work varies from site to site. The most common situation is for a building owner / manager to have a running contract with a reliable commercial electrical contractor company like Amber Electrical Services.

What Factors Should Be Considered When Looking for a Commercial Electrician?

With so many commercial electricians to choose from, having some insight into what you should look for before hiring one can be helpful. Here is a list of things to consider and questions to ask when looking for a commercial electrician:

  • Experience and qualifications are important. How many years have they been an electrician?

  • Are they specialised to do commercial electrical work?

  • Have they / are they currently training apprentices?

  • How much of the work will be done by an apprentice vs the actual commercial electrician?

  • Can they give you examples of their work?

  • Google them – what’s the feedback on Google and Facebook like?

  • If you can’t find them on Google or Facebook, you might want to look elsewhere.

  • This one is a bit tough to find out but try to find out if they can easily adapt and come up with creative solutions to problems.

  • Are they able to work with a range of people such as builders, contractors, property and business owners / managers?

  • Do they present themselves in a professional manner?

  • Ask what their ‘clean-up’ policy is. A good commercial electrician will clean up after themselves and leave a job site as clean as or cleaner than when they arrived.

  • Ask what their preferred jobs are – what types of electrical jobs excite and interest them.

  • Is your business a good match for them and their area(s) of interest?

  • What are their rates / how do they determine costs of a job?

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