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Why insulated tools are important

Anyone who works with or around electricity knows that safety is the priority. It governs what you wear, how you work, and the tools you carry. And by tools we mean all the tools you carry, not just battery-operated test tools. A whopping 91% of electrical workers say insulated hand tools are critical when working on electrical equipment, according to a recent Fluke survey. Electricians, utility workers and maintenance and HVAC technicians carry insulated hand tools such as screwdrivers, pliers, and cutters along with the best electrician tools.

Insulated hand tools keep you safe

Insulated tools provide an extra measure of protection against such hazardous and unpredictable situations. High quality insulated hand tools are engineered to protect you from electric shock and reduce the possibility of arc faults caused by short circuits.

It is critical to understand the difference between a regular hand tool and an insulated tool. A lot of hand tools have a rubber coating over plastic handles but that’s not the same as an insulated tool. 


Insulated tool certification

To be certified as insulated tools they must undergo stringent testing by third-party labs to prove that the protection works, and the tools can withstand hard use, extreme temperatures, and even live flame. They must achieve a 1000 V ac rating, so they can be used in a live panel if necessary. 


Safe and ergonomic

Ergonomically designed to adapt to your hand to lessen strain and fatigue and help prevent repetitive motion injuries. Our insulated pliers and cutters give you more gripping strength and are slim enough to more easily access jammed junction boxes and panels.

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