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Residential Apartment Building

What is a Residential Electrician

Residential electricians are the tradespeople who repair and install various electrical systems at home. This job could include lighting, panel changes, surge protection, and more.

Skills Needed

Residential Electrician Job Description

They inspect, install, repair, and maintain critical electrical systems throughout the house. Depending on the technician's experience, she might also lead entire teams and diagram projects.

Typical duties include:

  • Interpreting blueprints and technical drawings

  • Installing new wiring and lighting

  • Inspecting components to ensure safety and correct installation

  • Maintaining home electrical systems

  • Replacing broken parts

  • Diagnosing critical problems in the home

  • Fully understanding local and federal regulations for safe electrical systems


Beyond the role itself, we classify electricians by their training and experience:

  1. Apprentice: These technicians train under an experienced professional's supervision for a few years before advancing to the next tier.

  2. Journeyman: After completing an apprenticeship, a technician approved as competent in their trade officially becomes a journeyman electrician.

  3. Master: Journeymen who gain years of experience and, throughout, demonstrate high competence become master electricians.

Work Environment

Maintaining electrical systems is a surprisingly physical task. Though you'll usually work indoors, air conditioners and solar panels are two examples of equipment found outside in potentially brutal heat. Sometimes, you'll have to work in cramped spaces, and you'll need to lift objects occasionally. Protective eyeglasses and clothing also help protect against burns and shocks.


Few electricians work part-time. It's not uncommon to have to drive out on a night or weekend for emergencies. Texas weather can also lead to working overtime, especially with new construction.

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