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Electrician Pain Points: How to Fix the 6 Biggest Problems that Make Their Job Harder

Image by Anton Dmitriev
Image by Emmanuel Ikwuegbu

For many electrical contractors, the field technician serves as the face of the company. They are the first person the customer interacts with face-to-face—often on one of their worst days, when loss of electrical power disrupts their schedule or even jeopardizes their health.

As an electrical business owner, no matter if you work on residential jobs or large-scale construction projects, you need highly skilled techs to succeed.

How to Fix The Biggest Problems


Arrive to the Job Site Fully Informed

Your tech might show up without the right tools or parts, misidentify a long-time customer, or perform the wrong repair. All of these outcomes potentially harm your business, from wasting electrician work hours and revenue to generating negative online reviews.


 Offer Financing for New Installs and Repairs

Successful electrical contractors know the key to growing revenue directly involves raising techs’ average ticket, typically by offering customers multiple repair or replacement options. To make these higher-priced jobs more appealing to customers, field service companies must offer easy financing for new installs and even routine repairs.


Simplify Communication Between the Field and Office

Poor communication between CSRs or dispatchers and your field technicians causes a wide range of avoidable problems, including sending the tech to the wrong address or dispatching an inexperienced tech to a complex repair. In some cases, a tech may arrive at the job site with the incorrect details about the task at hand.


Present Multi-Level Service Options to Increase Revenue

One of the most effective ways to grow average ticket size—and company revenue—involves offering customers good-better-and-best service options for every new install or repair. However, as many business owners in the field service industry know, some technicians feel uncomfortable giving sales presentations, while others simply get busy and forget to provide multiple service options.


Automatically Solicit Positive Customer Reviews

In today’s digital-first world, most consumers vet prospective field service companies by first checking online reviews on trusted review sites and social media platforms. In fact, one survey shows 82% of customers say they read online reviews for local companies before they make a hiring decision. It’s reassuring to hire a company with a stellar reputation and a track record for generating customer satisfaction.


Leverage Digital Forms in the Field

Electrical techs need to document key information when they arrive for a service call or repair, including customer signatures, service dates, inspection details, and more. Traditionally, field electricians relied on paper forms and checklists, raising the risk of user error or lost paperwork.

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