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Top 5 safety tools for preventing arc flash

Limiting workers’ exposure to electrical hazards like arc flash or electrocution is a solid foundation for any electrical safety program. Combine that mindset with the right non-contact tools and more electrical workers will be kept out of harm’s way.


Electrical Measurement Window

Electrical measurement windows are permanently installed into a cabinet with voltage and current connections made inside the panel. The PQ400 gives workers access to critical power quality and energy data while decreasing testing time and maintaining a high level of safety. You can plug your power quality tools directly into an electrical measurement window to collect the data needed.​


CV400 ClirVu® 4in window

Infrared windows are a permanent fixture that gives a view of what’s on the other side of a panel without exposing workers to live voltage or needing full PPE.

  1. PPE needed significantly reduced with fewer work permit requirements

  2. Reduce time and cost of preventive maintenance

  3. Faster and more comfortable preventive maintenance inspections


TiS60+ Thermal Camera

A lot of troubleshooting and preventive maintenance can be started with a thermal camera. Get a temperature reading on your equipment without making physical contact, through an IR window or not, so you can know what’s running too hot, or too cold, before anything breaks down


376 FC Clamp Meter

Let you set up the measurement and transmit the data from inside the arc flash boundary. Someone within 20 m of the equipment can then open the Fluke Connect app and see the measurement from outside the boundary.

The 376 FC clamp meter lets you:

  1. Monitor the measurement safely from outside the arc flash boundary

  2. Increase safety and decrease the time technicians spend in the arc flash boundary


233 Remote Display Digital Multimeter

Remote display tools have a detachable display, so the measurements can be read and marked down outside the arc flash boundary, similar to wireless tools.  Cuts down on the time technicians spend inside the arc flash boundary and easy to read display with large digits and bright backlight

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